Side Opening Tambour Doors

Side Opening Tambour Doors

Product Details

Horizontal (side) opening tambours using 20mm slat with a maximum height of 1 metre.

For bathroom doors, we offer a more robust 30mm slat for full-sized doors of up to 2 metres.

Available in both 20 and 30mm slat;

Dimensions and track made to your own specification;

Max. height 1 metre (20mm slat) and 2 metres (30mm slat).

Colours & Finishes

Finish 20mm 30mm
Piano Black (Glossy)
Pitch Black (Matte)
Light Cream
Polar White

How to Order

All of our tambours are bespoke. We work to your own specifications using custom dimensions and sizes.

Our track can also be made to almost any size and shape. To make an order with us, please tell us more about your project so that we will be able to assist you.